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The Church of God International, Philippines holds a Bible Study every first Sabbath (Saturday) of the month. The topics run the gamut of Christian living, doctrine, health and wellness, mind-boggling yet plain biblical truths, the exciting prophecies soon to be fulfilled before our very eyes, the return of Jesus Christ and the soon-coming kingdom of God here on earth. Admission is FREE.

Evidence of God

When we consider the physical world, when we look up into the heavens and even look at life around us on this wonderful planet we call earth, it is natural to inquire where all these things come from. There could only be two possible answers:

1. Everything came from nothing or
2. Everything came from something

As Christians, it is more rational to posit that everything came from nothing than everything from something. More accurately, from “someone.” In this study, we will look into this “someone” as evidence of the creator of everything.

To know more about the evidence of God in this Bible Study broadcast refer to the links below.

Bible Study Archive

Bible Study Archives

You can find here all previous Bible Study topics for viewing videos and downloading PDF files.

  • December – True Nativity Story (PDF)
  • November – Are There People Burning in Hell? (PDF)
  • September – Wonder of Life (PDF)
  • August – Say Yes to the Sabbath (PDF)
  • July – What Jesus Ate (PDF)
  • June – God’s Treasured Possessions (PDF)
  • May – Promises of God (PDF)
  • April – Why Christ Had to Die (PDF)
  • March – How I Love Thy Law (PDF)
  • February – Christian Love (PDF)
  • December – After God’s Own Heart (PDF)
  • October – Wedding of the Lamb (PDF)
  • September – Do you have the Holy Spirit? (PDF)
  • August – Prophecy Today (PDF)
  • July – When God Changes Your Plan (PDF)
  • June – Leadership for Christ (PDF)
  • May – Honor Thy Father and Mother (PDF)
  • April – The Lord has Risen (PDF)
  • February – Pearl of Great Price (PDF)
  • January – Happiness is (PDF)
  • December – A Child is Born (PDF)
  • November – The Christmas Story (PDF)
  • September – The Nature of Christ (PDF)
  • August – The Nature of Man (PDF)
  • July – Know the Mysteries (PDF)
  • June – Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth (PDF)
  • May – The Sabbath Day (PDF)
  • April – The Festivals of God (PDF)
  • March – The Mind of Christ (PDF)
  • February – God’s Secret Wisdom (PDF)
  • January – Visioneering (PDF)
  • December – The Greatest Love of All (PDF)
  • November – Where Are The Dead? (PDF)
  • October – When Christ Returns (PDF)
  • September – Gods Plan for You (PDF)
  • August – Friend of Jesus (PDF)
  • July – Building Relationships (PDF)
  • June – Child Rearing (PDF)
  • March – The Time Is Now (PDF)
  • February – Word of Truth (PDF)
  • January – Loving the LORD (PDF)
  • December – To Rule With Christ (PDF)
  • November – The Purpose of An Everlasting Life (PDF)
  • September – Amazing Life (PDF)
  • August – End time Antichrist (PDF)
  • July – The Antichrist (PDF)
  • June – Gospel of the Kingdom of God (PDF)
  • May – Amazing Grace (PDF)
  • December – Wonderful Words (PDF)
  • Revelation Revealed (PDF)
  • June – A Happy Christian Marriage (PDF)
  • April – 3 Days and 3 Nights (PDF)
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