The Church of God International reaches out to a worldwide audience, advancing the Good News of God’s coming Kingdom and heralding salvation by Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The official social media service. Here you can find daily inspirational posts, weekly live Sabbath services videos and live monthly Bible Studies videos. Also you can find all church announcements.

Presentations that include messages or Bible studies presented by ministers and leadership graduates from CGI Philippines.

The official church podcast platform on Spotify where you can listen and/or download various Bible study topics at your own convenience.

Presentations that include sermons, sermonettes or Bible studies presented by the elders of CGI.

We are excited to announce the availability of our new phone, tablet, and television app, CGI Digital Network. This app is packed with powerful content and resources to help you grow in grace and knowledge.

A program of Biblical understanding.

CGI’s media presentation distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many simultaneous listeners/viewers.

The official newspaper of The Church Of God International is published quarterly. This publication covers a wide variety of topics. Read The International News and see how The Church Of God International is impacting the globe for Christ.

Information and opinions expressed in this periodical do not necessarily reflect the collective beliefs and doctrines of the Church of God International, its members, ministry, or leadership.

The Voice of Hope. The Voice of Truth.

Watch various biblical topics covered in series as presented by our video hosts.

Read various articles that relate to biblical subjects and practical Christian living.

Dive into our treasure chest of literature that cover numerous biblical topics that are available online, for download and requests.

Teaching Biblical Principles to help young adults establish and maintain their relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ; empowering them to share the gospel and meet the daily challenges of life.

Teaching Biblical Principles to help teens establish a relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ; preparing them to commit their lives to Christ as they come into adulthood.

Resources for Parents and Educators.

The Church Of God International provides these free courses to help you grow in strength and knowledge of His Word.

Hopes to empower you to become the best that you can be in your place of work. It is based on biblical principles which when applied will make you excel in your chosen vocation.

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